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Elizabeth Berkley

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  1. Took my girlfriend to see this opening night. Told it was some Vegas thing with Jesse from Saved By The Bell. “You like her, right?” Wink wink to myself. She was the only woman in the theatre.

  2. I loved how they retconed this into SBTB by having this being Jessie after graduation while on a road trip. In the reboot she wore the costume from the final scene as a Halloween costume.

  3. I watched Saved by the Bell and was super into Kelly… I didnt realize just how gorgeous she was until this movie came out. Then shortly after it seems her career was dead. I know Showgirls isnt award winning, but it was a better movie than most people give it credit for and its obvious she put A LOT into this role hoping it would make her an A-list actress.

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