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Kelly Preston – Mischief – 1985

Kelly Preston – Mischief – 1985

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  1. It was 1985, what did you expect! We did not shave back then. Of course for me, I had not been born yet. Women did not begin shaving and waxing it all off until the 2000’s. I remember seeing Playmate Dalene Kurtis (yes she left an impression on me) and her centerfold, as the first clean shaven pussy. My boyfriend liked it and said, “I would not have to floss after eating that!” So I shaved mine for him. He was absolutely correct. I have never allowed the pubes to accumulate again. I even shaved him. Made all my bf’s trim if not shave, if they want me to go down on them. My husband is clean shaved as well. Well worth it!

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